Money From Blogging

Simplest way to make money online is just by blogging. If you Interested the writing articles, you will Sure  earn money by blogging your articles online. If you can spend time working a little time for blogging, you earn money Easly...

1.Making Money From Online Blogging

Select a topic which you think people have interest. Write The Article Daily two or Three..

Create blog about the chosen topic and refer to the chosen keywords.

If you finished writing at least 10 articles, you will need to set up a blog in

You have to build a short url about your blog and it should be descriptive and related to your topic.

2.Making Money From Blogging.

Publish your written articles on the blog. Post Two articles on your blog daily for 2 weeks straight.

If your blog has 30 - 40 posts already, it is a must that you apply for Google AdSense, Text Link Ads, 'Bidvertiser', 'Kontera', 'Chitika' ....

If you joined the other ad network listed above, you will receive codes for the ads.

Put the code you got at the top of the corner and the blog.

The color of the ads and the background of the blog should match.

3.Making Money From Blogging.

In the last part, you have to invite visitors to see your blog.

Optimizing you blog is a must, the search engine can assist you get traffic from it.

Continue on posting your articles on you blog.

Use keywords to help you write articles for your blog. The search engine spiders will be attracted.

To get instant traffic on your blog, submit your blog into different directories online.


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