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How Online Surveys Can Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Website

By Michael Moume

Consider this scenario that plays out among online entrepreneurs all the time - an entrepreneur has tried every internet marketing technique in the book to increase web traffic. They have polished up on website content, submitted articles to directories, regularly updated a blog and set up social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Yet, the web traffic have stagnated and probably declined. But one thing online businesses often ignore is the power of online surveys. Of course, online surveys cannot be effective on their own - the other methods of internet marketing are important too. Online surveys can however help tip an online business over the edge and be a trigger to increase web traffic to a website.

There are two ways online entrepreneurs can utilize online surveys. The first would be to use freely available survey software that can be embedded on the website. Such software is simple to set up and use. The second approach to surveys is to pay an internet survey company. The internet survey company then pays a paid 'surveyor' to complete the survey. The two types of surveys serve different purpose.

The former though can be used to fulfil a broader objective of triggering debate, interest (thus generating web traffic) and getting a feel of client's views on products. The paid surveys are often meant to obtain end user feedback on the business products though the objectivity of the participant is usually debatable since they are receiving payment for their participation.

Online surveys can help online entrepreneurs to better understand the needs of their client and tweak their product accordingly. Surveys allow online businesses to draft their own questions with a particular target group in mind. The feedback from the survey can allow online entrepreneurs make changes to their website that will see more persons attracted to the website and products.

Creating the survey is just one part of a successful survey. Online entrepreneurs must determine how they will effectively invite more people to participate in the survey. The first step is to have a prominent link on the website's homepage. Better yet, if it is a one question survey, the actual survey form can be placed on the page so that users do not have to leave the home page to complete the survey.

The other approach is to send out an email invitation to people that have already subscribed to the site's email list. A business could send the survey invite as part of the regular email newsletter. On the other hand, if the survey is urgent and must be completed in a short time frame, the invite may be sent in a separate email.

M. Moume is a veteran Internet marketer with stint in traffic generation and using Internet to maximize profits.For Free Tips on how to increase traffic, visit the traffic guide and enjoy the true benefits.

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iBackup: There's No 'I' In Data Backup - Until You Lose Your Data

By Natasha J Jane

Most people see buying data backup software, begrudgingly, as similar to buying insurance. It's not a fun purchase. It's not exciting or inspiring and it certainly won't incite a yelp of pleasure when the company informs its employees: "Yes, it's finally here. Our Backup and Recovery Software. It has arrived!"

But, maybe we're missing the big picture. That little 'i' that's become a necessary accessory on anything tech-cool will suddenly appear when you're the guy whose data has deserted him. Brilliant if you can get it back. Then you'll be writing love poems to the developers- printing motivational posters to express your enraptured wonderment at how awesome Data Backup software is.

If however you've been slow on the uptake of how vital an effective enterprise pc backup solution is- the frustration, wasted resources and slipped away man hours will be a harsh slap in the face.

The mass migration of business communication onto digital platforms has made your business data one of your most valuable assets. Around 300 billion emails are sent daily- and according to Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time up until 2003. Not protecting your business data efficiently is not only a reputational hazard but it creates a definite organisational risk and prevents your business from reaping the benefits of a functional solution.

You might be surprised at the amount of 'cool' we can squeeze from a data backup solution for a contemporary business.

Automated and centrally managed software means that users don't have to worry about data backups. They happen in the background while users are working.

Central management gives the administrator total control of what data is backed up and when it is backed up.

You can also customise different backup policies for different users and assign server space quotas accordingly. Data backup software protects your business data. So anything from a corrupted file, a virus or a system crash is no longer a threat to your company- or to your data.

The correct solution can reduce expensive server space and bandwidth requirements- saving you money and increasing operational efficiencies

Data backup software will compress and encrypt data. Again reducing costs and ensuring the confidentiality of your files. Migrations are simplified and productivity isn't heavily interrupted during hardware refresh cycles.

A good backup solution will allow you the ability to perform unattended restores and have a simple wizard-driven data recovery solution.

The features, functionality and ultimate 'coolness' of safeguarding your business information, saving money, increasing operational efficiency and being able to laugh in the face of data disaster make Enterprise PC backup software certainly something worth 'i'-ing out.

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How to Delete and Recover Files in Linux

By Luqmaan Ameen

Linux is a reasonably famous Operating System especially among programmers. The default file system in Linux is known to be intolerant when it comes to user mistakes, but using the method described in this post, you will be able to recover any data that you lost or accidentally deleted.

Deleting Files In Linux

Deleting a file in Linux is quite simple. You just have to right-click the file icon (which you want to delete) & then click the "Delete" option in the context menu. If you are working from the command console or terminal, the delete command is "rm" for remove. The "rm" command accepts a number of parameters which can be both unsafe and extraordinarily useful. The most famous parameter pair is "rm -rf". This command deletes everything that's present inside the specified folder, recursively (r). Moreover, this command does not ask you to confirm the deletion of each file. This means that you can accidentally delete the entire File system. This could be dangerous in some cases.

There is no recycle bin in Linux. So if you delete a file, It will no longer be available on your hard disk. Other operating systems however, usually have a recycle bin, which is just a folder where all the deleted files are preserved where they can be recovered or permanently deleted from there.

Recovering Files in Linux

Linux is famous for being customizable, there is a little tweak that can be made that will add the recycle bin functionality. You can simply add an alias to their.bashrc file, in a user's home directory, that overrides the rm command. The alias is as follows:

alias rm='mv --target-directory=$HOME/.Trash'

This alias would change the rm command into the mv, move command and send any files sent to be removed to the.Trash directory in the user's home folder however this is not the best solution to save files from being lost as this may sometimes cause confusion with other aliases.

Another way of recovering files in linux is by using a process known as 'File carving'. This application parses the hard disk for the leading and trailing bits of a file and then uses those bits to identify the file type and group together the deleted file on the disk. It is a reliable technique and is used by forensic data recovery.

You can use 3 main application for file carving: foremost, PhotoRec, and scalpel. From a console window, enter the application's name, followed by the hard drive partition's name found by using the "fdisk -l" command (ex. /dev/hda2).

Using the above two methods you should be able to recover or delete files in Linux in virtually any situation.

Luqmaan Ameen is the main writer behind Computer Realm, a blog which focuses on computer tips and several other aspects on computers and the internet in general. Cannot delete file? If so, you can find a free solution on on his site.

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Money From Blogging

Simplest way to make money online is just by blogging. If you Interested the writing articles, you will Sure  earn money by blogging your articles online. If you can spend time working a little time for blogging, you earn money Easly...

1.Making Money From Online Blogging

Select a topic which you think people have interest. Write The Article Daily two or Three..

Create blog about the chosen topic and refer to the chosen keywords.

If you finished writing at least 10 articles, you will need to set up a blog in

You have to build a short url about your blog and it should be descriptive and related to your topic.

2.Making Money From Blogging.

Publish your written articles on the blog. Post Two articles on your blog daily for 2 weeks straight.

If your blog has 30 - 40 posts already, it is a must that you apply for Google AdSense, Text Link Ads, 'Bidvertiser', 'Kontera', 'Chitika' ....

If you joined the other ad network listed above, you will receive codes for the ads.

Put the code you got at the top of the corner and the blog.

The color of the ads and the background of the blog should match.

3.Making Money From Blogging.

In the last part, you have to invite visitors to see your blog.

Optimizing you blog is a must, the search engine can assist you get traffic from it.

Continue on posting your articles on you blog.

Use keywords to help you write articles for your blog. The search engine spiders will be attracted.

To get instant traffic on your blog, submit your blog into different directories online.

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