iBackup: There's No 'I' In Data Backup - Until You Lose Your Data

By Natasha J Jane

Most people see buying data backup software, begrudgingly, as similar to buying insurance. It's not a fun purchase. It's not exciting or inspiring and it certainly won't incite a yelp of pleasure when the company informs its employees: "Yes, it's finally here. Our Backup and Recovery Software. It has arrived!"

But, maybe we're missing the big picture. That little 'i' that's become a necessary accessory on anything tech-cool will suddenly appear when you're the guy whose data has deserted him. Brilliant if you can get it back. Then you'll be writing love poems to the developers- printing motivational posters to express your enraptured wonderment at how awesome Data Backup software is.

If however you've been slow on the uptake of how vital an effective enterprise pc backup solution is- the frustration, wasted resources and slipped away man hours will be a harsh slap in the face.

The mass migration of business communication onto digital platforms has made your business data one of your most valuable assets. Around 300 billion emails are sent daily- and according to Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, every two days we create as much data as we did from the beginning of time up until 2003. Not protecting your business data efficiently is not only a reputational hazard but it creates a definite organisational risk and prevents your business from reaping the benefits of a functional solution.

You might be surprised at the amount of 'cool' we can squeeze from a data backup solution for a contemporary business.

Automated and centrally managed software means that users don't have to worry about data backups. They happen in the background while users are working.

Central management gives the administrator total control of what data is backed up and when it is backed up.

You can also customise different backup policies for different users and assign server space quotas accordingly. Data backup software protects your business data. So anything from a corrupted file, a virus or a system crash is no longer a threat to your company- or to your data.

The correct solution can reduce expensive server space and bandwidth requirements- saving you money and increasing operational efficiencies

Data backup software will compress and encrypt data. Again reducing costs and ensuring the confidentiality of your files. Migrations are simplified and productivity isn't heavily interrupted during hardware refresh cycles.

A good backup solution will allow you the ability to perform unattended restores and have a simple wizard-driven data recovery solution.

The features, functionality and ultimate 'coolness' of safeguarding your business information, saving money, increasing operational efficiency and being able to laugh in the face of data disaster make Enterprise PC backup software certainly something worth 'i'-ing out.

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