How Online Surveys Can Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Website

By Michael Moume

Consider this scenario that plays out among online entrepreneurs all the time - an entrepreneur has tried every internet marketing technique in the book to increase web traffic. They have polished up on website content, submitted articles to directories, regularly updated a blog and set up social networking profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Yet, the web traffic have stagnated and probably declined. But one thing online businesses often ignore is the power of online surveys. Of course, online surveys cannot be effective on their own - the other methods of internet marketing are important too. Online surveys can however help tip an online business over the edge and be a trigger to increase web traffic to a website.

There are two ways online entrepreneurs can utilize online surveys. The first would be to use freely available survey software that can be embedded on the website. Such software is simple to set up and use. The second approach to surveys is to pay an internet survey company. The internet survey company then pays a paid 'surveyor' to complete the survey. The two types of surveys serve different purpose.

The former though can be used to fulfil a broader objective of triggering debate, interest (thus generating web traffic) and getting a feel of client's views on products. The paid surveys are often meant to obtain end user feedback on the business products though the objectivity of the participant is usually debatable since they are receiving payment for their participation.

Online surveys can help online entrepreneurs to better understand the needs of their client and tweak their product accordingly. Surveys allow online businesses to draft their own questions with a particular target group in mind. The feedback from the survey can allow online entrepreneurs make changes to their website that will see more persons attracted to the website and products.

Creating the survey is just one part of a successful survey. Online entrepreneurs must determine how they will effectively invite more people to participate in the survey. The first step is to have a prominent link on the website's homepage. Better yet, if it is a one question survey, the actual survey form can be placed on the page so that users do not have to leave the home page to complete the survey.

The other approach is to send out an email invitation to people that have already subscribed to the site's email list. A business could send the survey invite as part of the regular email newsletter. On the other hand, if the survey is urgent and must be completed in a short time frame, the invite may be sent in a separate email.

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